“Melissa worked wonders with my daughter. She used to be really negative about herself and so unhappy. Since attending sessions with Melissa I was able to see a marked improvement in her emotional wellbeing.  She is like a new child now, so happy and confident in herself. Melissa changed my world.” (Mother of 10 year old girl)

“ Since attending play therapy sessions my son has stopped hitting his brother.  He has learned other ways to control his anger. I highly recommend Melissa as a play therapist. She has been so supportive.” (Mother of 7 year old boy)

“Melissa provides a brilliant way for anxious children to explore their feelings and build self esteem. Can’t recommend her highly enough. She helped my 10 year old regain a positive self image and strengthened resilience in his personality. He has gained so much from his sessions with her.” ( Mother of 10 year old boy)


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