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Supervision is a safe, reflective, non judgmental space to explore, learn and grow your skills and practice. It is a space that allows for the exploration of your work, your clients and any difficulties you may have empowering you to empower your clients. It is a place to improve the quality of your work, transform your client relationships and continuously develop yourself and your practice.

Melissa has over 25 years experience of working with individuals in the caring fields. She is warm, friendly and enthusiastic. Melissa offers creative clinical supervision across professions including variety of frontline workers such as Nurses, Gardai, Teachers, Carers, Social Workers, Social Care Workers, Early Years Educators, Qualified and Trainee Play Therapists.

Creative supervision links the right side of the brain with the left side by combining information and logic with fantasy, imagination and creativity. It is suitable for any professional who may want to explore their work in a creative way using a series of creative supervision exercises including the use of colours, shapes, images , artwork, clay, guided fantasy and the use of small objects and sand tray.

Enhance your practice by having:

  • A regular space to reflect upon the content and process of your work
  • An opportunity to develop your understanding and skills within the work
  • Information and another perspective concerning the work
  • A place to receive both content and process feedback
  • A chance to be validated and supported both as a person and as a worker
  • An assurance that as a person and as a worker you are not left to carry unnecessary difficulties, problems and projections alone
  • A chance to ensure quality of work