Positively Me Workshop

This Workshop Is Also Ideal for Any Juvenille Club Such as GAA, Soccer, Athletics, Foroige, Afterschool Club, Scouts and Guides

Would you like your son/daughter to be more comfortable talking about he/she feels?

Would you like him/her to learn some coping skills?

This workshop will explore what mental health is and how we can maintain it, what is self care and what happens when we are missing it. We will explore  how our brain functions and how this impacts on our thought process. It will include useful tools such as breath work, relaxation skills and meditation strategies all in a fun and safe environment using the creative elements of art, music and group discussion.

AIMS- to engage young people in an open discussion about mental and emotional health increasing their awareness and reducing stigma. To equip young people with tools and knowledge for managing healthy mental and emotional health and recognising it’s ok not to be perfect!

Mental health in children and young people | Mental Health Foundation

Prebooking essential