6th Class Transition

Help Your Child Make the Transition from Primary to Secondary School

Proposed New Secondary School


SATURDAY 29th  and SUNDAY 30th July 2023

10.30am – 12.30pm


Venue- Courthouse, Main Street, Duleek, Meath


2 Day Workshop

Do you have a young person making the move from 6th class to secondary school this year?? Worried how he/she will be cope ? Has he/she had enough preparation for the next phase of their education?? Melissa has been successfully delivering this workshop for the last number of years with positive outcomes and parental feedback

Suitable for mainstream school pupils

Topics Covered– managing change, friendships, anxious thoughts/anxiety tools, impact of our brain on emotions, positive mindsets, practical issues (lockers, timetables, study etc), relaxation, coping skills  and meditation in a fun and creative environment of peer support, art and crafts, games, music and relaxation


All of Melissa’s workshops are designed to be fun, creative, experiential and memorable using the mediums of art and craft, movement, games and group discussion. Research has proven that when you interact and experience activities you are more likely to remember it and implement what you have learned. Past participants also noted how beneficial it has been being able to share experiences and ideas with their peers.



“If you have a student moving to secondary school I would highly recommend your child attending this course. My daughter was so genuinely frightened of starting a new school, without her friends but this course has been invaluable to her. She was well prepared for what the first few weeks threw at her. She settled much easier than I had ever dreamt of and is happy heading out in the mornings.”

Parent 2021

“Hi Melissa thanks for helping xxxxxx fit in secondary school. Your course was a great help. Gave him confidence he hadn’t got before meeting you. There was small issues but would have been major ones only for you “
Kind Regards

Parent 2019

“Melissa I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for xx. She was so nervous about going to secondary before doing your course. She bounced into school on the first morning. It helped that she made a good friend on the course who was going to the same school. Thank you so much and I would have no problem in recommending this course to any parent. Well worth the investment.”

Parent 2018