What is Play  Therapy?

Play therapy is to children what talk therapy is to adults. Unlike adults children do not have the ability to communicate their worries or problems using words. Play is the natural language of children and the toys are their words.  Play therapy helps children to change how they think about, behave and resolve their worries. Play is how children learn and communicate. When children have no outlet for their difficult emotions they become bottled up often resulting in inappropriate and worrying behaviour. Play therapy allows them to play out their emotions for as long as they need to in a non-direct, child led and non-judgemental manner.

Play therapy is suitable for children from the age of 3  and  6 months upwards.

Creative arts therapy is used for older children and teenagers incorporating activities such as a sand tray, clay, storytelling, creative writing, art and crafts and games allowing the young person to work on and resolve difficulties in a non-threatening, supportive environment.  Creative arts is based on the same principles as play therapy.


Services Offered

Individual Play Therapy Sessions – Child and therapist only

Autplay Therapy– a specialised family therapy for children who have diagnosis of ASD/ADHD/Developmental Delays where non directive play therapy is unsuitable

Group Play Therapy Sessions-suitable for children who present with common difficulties such as poor social skills, low self-esteem etc.

Parent Support Consultations– Not sure if you are doing right or wrong?? Sometimes as parents we struggle with managing behaviors, emotions and general situations with our children. Support and reassurance is now available.

Workshops-Workshops can be designed  to meet the clients needs and can be in person or online.  Suitable for professional or parent groups.  For example, Sensory Play, Promoting Self Esteem, Managing Anxiety at Home, Really Resilient Kids, Managing Our Children’s Big Emotions An Introduction to Play Therapy, Trauma Informed Practice for the Classroom, Managing Behaviours/Anxiety in the Classroom. Please get in touch for further information.

Corporate Wellbeing Online Sessions– Are you an employee seeking to support your employees progress through covid 19, working from home, stressful parenting etc. We provide tailored online wellbeing sessions for you so just get in touch to discuss your needs

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